A diagnosis of ADHD can be a particularly confusing and challenging time. Knowing where to go for support can be the first step towards feeling more confident about supporting your child. In the list below we have put together a list of the best ADHD books for parents to help support your journey with your child.

Best “Free” Book

adhd book

Russell Barkley’s book on “Taking Charge of ADHD – The Complete Authoritative Guide for Parents” is available as an e-book free when you take out a  free audible trial .

Russell Barkley is a well respected author in the area of ADHD and has written numerous books supporting teachers, parents and other key workers involved with children with a diagnosis of ADHD.

Amazon review November 2019:

Well written, easy to read, and really helpful if your kid has ADHD. Read is after being recommended by my kids psychiatrist, it’s that good that the doctors recommend it.
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This book can help:

*To make sense of your child’s symptoms.
*Get an accurate diagnosis.
*Work with school and health care professionals to get needed support for your child.
*Learn parenting skills and techniques that promote better behaviour.
*Strengthen your child’s academic and social skills.
*Use rewards and incentives effectively.
*Restore harmony at home.


Best Workbook


 The “Thriving with ADHD Workbook for Kids” helps your child to “understand and manage their ADHD with engaging activities”. This book can help your child to reframe the way they think about ADHD with fun activities and has a strength based approach that can help them to build self esteem and increased understanding of themselves.

“This book is a great resource for children with ADHD and their families. It is accessible, educational, and includes many thought-provoking activities that can help kids succeed and feel more confident. I appreciate the humor, personal perspective, and the strength-based approach of this workbook. I will be recommending it to families!”–Joshua Mandelberg, MD, Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician
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This book includes:
* An overview of ADHD, discussing symptoms, types and advantages of ADHD – perfect topics to discuss with your child
* Skill building exercises to handle emotions, stay focused, control impulses and use effective communication
* Creative ways to build routine, express themselves and more.

Best for Evidence Based Strategies for Home and School

managing adhd
This is another high quality title from Russell Barkley. The Managing ADHD in School book is full of background information, evidence based strategies and advice useful for the classroom as well as the home. Strong partnerships between home and school can have positive impacts for behaviour and this book may help provide an insight into what foundations can be used at home to support learning in school.

Good strategies and information – Amazon Review June 2019
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This book includes:
* More than 100 evidence based recommendations for teachers to use
* Effective reward systems
* Downloadable resources
* Information on Medications
* Tips for teen management

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