Attachment based mentoring is a scheme used by Devon by BabcockLDP in order to support social emotional and mental health and attainment of children. It’s primary aims were:

– Develop feelings of security, resilience and general well being
– Develop the ability to regulate emotions and behaviour
– Reach academic potential
– Be fully included.

Using research from attachment theory, solution focused coaching, social learning theory and resilience, the mentoring has proven very successful across Devon. It is primarily for children in care and adopted children as well as children with attachment difficulties and/or who may be known to Social Care.

The project was analysed to measure it’s impact and it was found that:
– schools commented that it had a positive impact on children’s ability to be trusting and open.
– school staff noticed increased sense of self worth amongst pupils as well as confidence and happiness. This in turn led to improved outcomes in behaviour and regulation of emotions.
– teachers reported concentration was improved.

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