was set up in December 2016 to help collaboratively support SEMH in schools across the UK. For many reasons Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs have grown in recent years and expertise has largely not kept pace. Teachers are increasingly becoming more and more roles than they have before and it is becoming increasingly difficult to support the needs being presented and access the services these students actually need. It is my view that any day spent waiting for services to support SEMH is another day spent miserably – we need to have tools and strategies for every day use. Many schools have excellent resources available and through this site I hope to be able to connect SEMH staff across the country to help better support the most disadvantaged students of all  -SEMH needs. No financial injection, pupil premium or improved social mobility strategy alone can “fix” the issue of poor SEMH. It is a disadvantage that follows a student throughout their life regardless of academic or financial performance. It is for this reason it needs prioritising.

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