Over the last few months Derbyshire County Council has been working very hard on a new SEMH resource.

an SEMH resource for schools Thanks to their endeavor we now have this guide.
It includes a stage by stage approach to Social, Emotional and Mental Health and well being within school. Under the categories of Introduction, Promote, Identify, Assess, Provide, Review and Celebrate we have multiple strategies to help support schools implementing and improving the support on offer to students.

SEMH plan (SEMH resource) There is whole school guidance on assessment and tracking as well as plenty of real life case studies dotted throughout. Building emotional literacy is a key theme, as is staff well being. The SEMH resource spans all areas of the school to give leaders ideas for building excellent SEMH within their setting, whether that be primary, special, secondary or other types of educational institutes.

Under the term “Identify” risk and protective factors are helpfully outlined with guidance given on how to improve resilience and reduce the chances of poor mental health. Using this SEMH resource schools can look at the roles of PSHE, nurture groups, mental health education and professional services among many other strategies that can help support the whole child’s development.

The guide even gives a Maslow based assessment of the needs of the child including how to improve sleep, physical activity and more. As SEMH practitioners know, meeting a student basic needs is key to ensuring well being. This includes food, sleep, accessibility, safety, a comforting attachment, self worth and esteem. Meeting these needs is entirely possible in the school setting and this SEMH resource will help to show you how you can put it into practice in a sustainable way.

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