When trying to encourage students to get in touch with their own mental wellbeing it can often be hard to make it part of the every day conversation. Making that happen is key to getting students on board to be pro active with feeling great everyday. So what can we do?

The 5 Keys are a well known strategy for improving emotional wellbeing and can easily be implemented into every day life. Here’s a plan for how you can make your week, a Wellbeing Week.

Mindful Mondays

– Get your students taking notice of their surroundings, encourage a tech break, meditation, walks….the opportunities are endless.

Time to Talk Tuesdays

– Encourage open discussion on mental health, group students with those they don’t normally work with….even encourage students to think about who they might talk to if they feel they need help. Breaking the stigma around talking through problems is key.

Giving Wednesdays

– Give students the chance to give something back. Create volunteering opportunities, mentoring, ambassadors or even just a list of jobs that can be done for teachers on a Wednesday!

Teach Yourself Thursdays

– Life hacks, languages, sports skills, musical instruments, documentaries…encourage students to branch outside of their school learning to improve their mood.

Active Fridays

– Discuss how students might incorporate exercise into your weekend. Run active clubs on Fridays. Involve staff with staff football or yoga!

See how you can link your week to wellbeing and get your students discussing mental health!