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Sensory Profiles / Sensory Checklists – The Sensory Suggester Tool

Sensory profiles (or sensory checklists) are incredibly powerful tools to help adults and young people to identify what sensations they make seek or avoid (or not notice) and what can be done about it. For teachers working with young people, this can have a huge impact on associated behaviours. Sensory assessments can be quite difficult

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Pathological Demand Avoidance and PDA Strategies

In this article, we explore what Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) is and what PDA strategies we can use to support the young people in our care. Remember, if you are looking for more generic behaviour strategies check out our behaviour tool. We also have a number of other topics to explore here. As always,

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Positive Attributes Activity Tool – Evidencing Specific Success to Build Self Esteem

Click here to use the Positive Attributes Activity Tool When it comes to self esteem, praise has a hierarchy... The least effective praise is vague and delivered en masse. Specific praise works best and even better when delivered by an adult who knows the child well - this can really enhance a sense of

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What is Sensory Processing?

Sensory Processing Our brain receives information from a range of senses within our body. This information is often handled in a way by the brain that enables a person to feel alert, comfortable and in control within an environment. However, for some, this may not happen in the same straightforward fashion. At times

Free Online Short Course in ADHD and Autism from UoD

The University of Derby is offering this excellent short course free online: https://www.derby.ac.uk/short-courses-cpd/online/free-courses/understanding-autism-aspergers-and-adhd/ Many hours of learning and interactive quizzes/videos are available to help support your understanding of autism and ADHD and how best to support young people. Please share with anyone you feel may be interested.

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The Wellbeing Week – Linking Good Mental Health to Every Day

When trying to encourage students to get in touch with their own mental wellbeing it can often be hard to make it part of the every day conversation. Making that happen is key to getting students on board to be pro active with feeling great everyday. So what can we do? The 5 Keys are a

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Fantastic SEMH resource provided by local council

Over the last few months Derbyshire County Council has been working very hard on a new SEMH resource. Thanks to their endeavor we now have this guide. It includes a stage by stage approach to Social, Emotional and Mental Health and well being within school. Under the categories of Introduction, Promote, Identify, Assess, Provide, Review and

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