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Guide to writing a Child Informed Plan

Whether it is trauma informed, attachment aware, child centred etc etc professionals working with young people strive to understand and address individual needs a young person has. Often the terminology can create difficulties - for example saying trauma informed makes some feel they are making a diagnosis. For this reason I want to lay out

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What are SEMH needs?

What are SEMH needs? Social Emotional and Mental Health, or SEMH, needs are a specific category of SEN (Special Educational Need) that relate to the support a child might need to manage their emotions and behaviour. There is often a range of different reasons why a child or young person can face difficulties in this

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Writing Job Descriptions For Professionals Working With Behavioural Needs…

Yet again this weekend there have been examples shown of really poorly worded job descriptions / adverts that have exposed underlying views that are really concerning with respect to the needs of children with behavioural concerns. So, to help, I have put this handy guide together of what you can say instead featuring real

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Guest Post – How To Speak To Your Child About Addiction

How to speak to your child about addiction It must be one of every person’s worst nightmares to wake up to the idea that your child is struggling with addiction, and that you are not really best placed to help them. This article will explore the options and talk to the experience of both the

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The Thrive Approach

The Thrive Approach is an intervention that has it's basis in neuroscience, attachment and child development in order to help support the child's overall social and emotional development. A number of stages are identified and children work through these using play based and creative activities to support them along this journey. Gaps in knowledge and

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SEMH Schools – What is an SEMH school? What does good practice look like?

SEMH schools are schools which focus on the social, emotional and mental health needs of the children and young adults within their care. Many schools will claim to have SEMH as an emphasis within their setting, but what does it take to be an SEMH specialist school and what might other mainstream schools be able to take from that?

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Behaviour is a choice, but not a free one…

If behaviour is a choice, is it truly a free one? "They know what they are doing" "They are doing it on purpose" "They are choosing not to do it" These three common phrases, throwaway yet internalised, are often heard in corridors and classrooms across the country. But what does it really mean to say

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Uniting The Behaviour Debate – A 2 Factor Model

No topic generates more debates than approaches to behaviour. It's a part of the teacher's role that is mostly (if not entirely) learned "on-the-job". Every encounter, every word is an experience and lesson in what works and what doesn't. We all find our own way, our own character and our own boundaries to maintain. They

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Mental Health Green Paper – Importance of Behaviour Support

In December 2017 the Green Paper regarding young people’s Mental Health was released by the government with positive and forward thinking ideas for improving mental health. A designated lead was identified as being required within schools as well as mental health support teams working more closely with schools. Whilst it is definitely a step in

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